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A regular meeting of the Knolls Village Townhouse Association was held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at the association clubhouse at 6:30 PM. Present were Directors Dick Campbell, Barbara Stokes, Josh Lunde, Martin Jepkes, Chris Foster, Joe Johnston and Peggy Donegan; Committee Chair Barbara Arnold; and Manager Warren Deutsch. Joan Rowe was present to record the proceedings. Seven homeowners were also present at the meeting.

A motion was made by Martin Jepkes and seconded by Joe Johnston to accept the
September, 2011 financial statements as presented. The motion was passed.

Chris Foster made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 6, 2011 board meeting as written. The motion was seconded by Barbara Stokes and was passed.

Josh Lunde, Website Manager, stated that the August minutes, August balance sheet and September newsletter have been posted on the website.

Barbara Stokes, reporting for the Hospitality Committee, stated that the last event planned for this year is the holiday party in December.

Joe Johnston, Pool and Tennis, reported that repairs have been made to the tennis courts and Jean Oatman, Pool Manager, will make her report to the Board at the November meeting.

A motion was made by Martin Jepkes and seconded by Barbara Stokes to purchase a gift card for Marianne Mishoe as a thank you gift for conducting water-aerobic classes at the pool this summer. The motion was passed.

Barbara Stokes made a motion to approve a change to the approved roof shingles color in the homeowner’s guidelines to “shades of cedar or tan”. Josh Lunde seconded the motion and it was passed.

A letter from the City of Centennial regarding a change in flood plain designation will be forwarded to homeowners affected by the change.

Barbara Arnold, Architectural Control Committee, stated that the committee has approved seven
applications for roof replacements, a satellite dish installation, front door replacement and a solar tube installation. The committee is working on a revision of the ACC Homeowner’s Guidelines and will submit their recommendations to the Board for approval. The committee asked for information on the actions taken by the Board when noncompliant letters are turned over to them and requested that a written report be given to them for their files. A report was given to Barbara Arnold by Barbara Stokes.

Beginning this month, Peggy Donegan will be the editor of the newsletter. The deadline for each
newsletter will be at noon of the Friday following a Board meeting.

Josh Lunde, Treasurer, reported that the $50,000.00 CD due on 9/28/11 was rolled over into a
$100,000.00 CD due 10/5/12 and the next CD is due 1/25/12. The reserve account balance is
$451,067.00 and the paint fund balance is $36,196.00.

Warren Deutsch, Maintenance Manager, reported that the payment to Kenny’s Concrete was
adjusted for work that was not satisfactory. Kenny’s Concrete is reviewing the amount deducted
and have indicated that they would like to do extra work rather than reduce the total payment. This issue has not been resolved. Two bids were received for asphalt repair by 7398 South Knolls Way, 7356 South Columbine Way and 2587 East Geddes Place from Metro Pavers and LaFarge. After the repair work is done, Metro Pavers will fill cracks as previously approved. A proposal from Blade Runners for sidewalk snow removal services was presented: hand shoveling and snow-blower. Rushton Tree Service will remove a crabapple tree at 2473 East Fremont Court and grind the stump.

A motion was made by Joe Johnston to approve the contract from Lafarge for asphalt repair. Barbara Stokes seconded the motion and it was passed.

Josh Lunde made a motion to approve the contract from Blade Runners for sidewalk snow
removal for the 2011/2012 season. The motion was seconded by Chris Foster and was

Issues raised by the homeowners present at the meeting included the condition of the sidewalk
in front of 2453-2493 East Fremont Court, acceptable materials for the fences between the
homeowners’ back yards and concern over paint splatters on the windows of a unit.

Shredding of old association files will be on October 20th. Three directors term are ending and all have volunteered to run for another term. There will be a Board meeting following the annual meeting on October 11th. The issue regarding skate boarding needs to be checked into with the association’s insurance agent.

A motion was made by Martin Jepkes and seconded by Peggy Donegan to approve the
financial trend report from which the 2012 budget is prepared. There will be no dues increase in 2012. The motion was passed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.