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A regular meeting of the Knolls Village Townhouse Association was held on Tuesday,
September 7, 2010 at the association clubhouse at 6:30 PM. Present were Directors Dick Campbell, Barbara Stokes, Martin Jepkes, Josh Lunde, Doug Hall and Joe Johnston; Committee Chairs Fred Langford, Barbara Arnold and Joy Stanton; Pool Manager Jean Oatman; and Manager Warren Deutsch. Joan Rowe was present to record the proceedings. There were also two homeowners present at the meeting.

Doug Hall made a motion to accept the August, 2010 financial statements as presented.
Barbara Stokes seconded the motion and it was passed.

A motion was made by Josh Lunde and seconded by Barbara Stokes to approve the minutes of the August 3, 2010 meeting as written. The motion was passed.

Fred Langford, Web-site Manager, stated that the July balance sheet, the August minutes, the August newsletter and the September meeting agenda have been posted to the web-site.

A report sent from Ann Kingery, Hospitality Committee, stated that 100 people attended the Labor Day picnic. The next event will be a Christmas party. There will be no representative from the City of Centennial at the October annual meeting.

The wind screen on the tennis courts will be rolled up for the winter.

Jean Oatman, Pool Manager, reported that three lounge chairs need to be replaced, the small pool will be painted next week and requested that the Board consider purchasing a solar cover for the small pool. Evergreens west of the small pool should be removed.

Barbara Arnold, Architectural Control Committee, stated that there were no 90-day letters for the Board and there were no change requests received by the committee. A letter will be sent to a homeowner in the 2543-2553 East Geddes Avenue block regarding an overgrown vine situated in the area between the garages.

The deadline for the next newsletter is Friday, September 10th.

Doug Hall, Treasurer, reported that the balance in the reserve fund is $490,375.00 and the paint fund balance is $19,993.00. A CD that matured on September 3rd will be reinvested.

Warren Deutsch, Maintenance Manager, reported that the asphalt and concrete work in the alleys has been completed and sidewalk work is being done now and should be completed by the weekend. Warren stated that there are some weak areas of asphalt that should be repaired before winter. Blade Runners will begin mowing every other week after this week’s mowing. There are seven irrigation zones that need to be reworked at an estimated cost of $1,000.00 per zone. The Board agreed to meet on Saturday at 2 PM to walk the zone areas.

A motion was made by Barbara Stokes and seconded by Joe Johnston to spend up to
$2,000.00 for additional asphalt work near 2481 East Geddes Avenue and 2549 East Geddes Place. The motion was passed.

Joe Johnston made a motion to adopt a policy addressing the need for a reserve study,
funding of any work recommended by the reserve study and projected sources of funding, and whether the reserve study is based on a physical analysis and financial analysis. The motion was seconded by Martin Jepkes and was passed.

Candidates are needed to fill two vacancies on the Board. Letters will soon be sent to absentee owners requesting them to submit proof that their tenants have read and agree to abide by the Association by-laws and covenants.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.