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A quarterly meeting of the Knolls Village Townhouse Association was held on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at the association clubhouse at 6:30 PM. Present were Directors Dick Campbell, Barbara Stokes, Doug Hall and Martin Jepkes; Committee Chairs Fred Langford, Barbara Arnold and Joy Stanton; and Manager Warren Deutsch. Joan Rowe was present to record the proceedings. There were also ten homeowners present at the meeting.

Doug Hall made a motion to accept the June, 2010 financial statements as presented. Barbara Stokes seconded the motion and it was passed.

A motion was made by Barbara Stokes and seconded by Martin Jepkes to approve the minutes of the June 1, 2010 meeting as written. The motion was passed.

Fred Langford, Web-site Manager, stated that the June meeting minutes, the May balance sheet, the 2009 annual auditor’s report and the July meeting agenda have been posted to the web-site. A new program the web-site has been installed for the management of the web-site. It is hoped that this will correct the incompatibility issue with the statistics generator. Josh Lunde has been working with Fred with the publishing on the web-site.

An e-mail from Ann Kingery, Special Events Committee, stated that the next event is the ice cream social on July 18th at the pool.

A note from Jean Oatman, Pool Manager, sated that the pool rules are being updated. Dick Campbell stated that there are cracks on the tennis courts, but that they are currently not interfering with play.

Barbara Arnold, Architectural Control Committee, asked that her name be on the web-site as chair of the committee. The committee has received a lot of requests for new roofs, new gutters, etc. Two 90-day notices were given to the Board for further action.

The deadline for the next newsletter is Friday, July 9th. An issue for the newsletter will be the problem of trash flying out of Waste Management’s trucks caused by unsecured trash.

Joy Stanton, Clubhouse Committee, stated that there were 12 reservations of the clubhouse in June. Kathleen Sutton has been added to the rotation of clubhouse chairs, each of the four members will serve for three months.

Doug Hall, Treasurer, reported that three new bank CD’s have been purchased in the reserve account. The current balance in the reserve fund is $475,850.00 and the current balance in the painting escrow fund is $8,772.00.

Warren Deutsch, Maintenance Manager, stated that the asphalt and concrete work is scheduled to begin in mid-August. Rushton has started the pruning and shearing at the south west corner of the complex. The large pool pump motor has been rebuilt and a spare pump has been ordered. Eight replacement trees have been planted throughout the complex.

Issues brought to the Board by the homeowners present at the meeting included: trimming and pruning be done more than once a season; planning for more xeriscaped areas; rock the areas under the address signs; children playing on the garage roofs; and thank you to Warren for “being Warren”.

The homeowners at 2740 East Fremont Place have withdrawn their claim for water damages. The reserve study has been placed on a CD and will be sent to the Association attorney to write a reserve study update policy. The Board will consider a seating option for the patio at the entrance to the clubhouse.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.